with magpie,  manage caseload improve care lower anxiety realize savings increase revenues


Chronic care requires an insight into daily routines, promoting lifestyle changes, titration in medical therapy and alleviating anxiety by creating an effective connection between the patient and the healthcare provider.

When we say our focus is to simplify on demand monitoring by building trust and reducing the patient-provider gap, it is not an aim – it is a reality.


At magpie 360 inc, our objective is to help with mitigating the provider-patient gap by building trust and enabling on demand monitoring of patients. This is possible by powering up our purpose-built zero-touch device – no onsite configuration, no patient interaction.

Our AI powered voice enabled (ask leia) magpieOS digital component eliminates the provider setup and operational workflows and helps with improving the patient engagement. .


magpie is a patient-centered digital platform that empowers distinct patients, providers, payers and care-givers to seamlessly derive meaningful insights from their historical and real-time data. magpie is a unique end-to-end secure software infrastructure that enables discovery, harmonization and delivery of patient-centric remote data for storage, insights, analytics and diagnostics.

Health care providers use magpie to aggregate patient-generated biomedical data, patient activity data, and environmental data from various devices/sensors.

The HIPAA compliant data is also delivered to a variety of applications including healthcare monitoring systems, and more.


Think of magpie™ in tandem with magpie data nest as a highly secure managed data center that was designed to ensure the ability to stay connected, operational, and to protect the privacy of the data transiting through it.

  • Acquires vitals and data captured by network-enabled sensors
  • Securely aggregates and transfers data to HIPAA-compliant cloud
  • The AI powered voice enabled magpieOS helps providers with provisional workflows.
  • Makes health data available via FHIR and REST API.
  • Provides care analytics and data insights over visual framework.
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